‘Salem’s Lot

‘Salem’s Lot was the 2nd book that Stephen King ever published after Carrie, which I have also read. This was probably the 4th King book I read on my adventures through the King universe, I love his writing style. 

This novel is a chilling horror novel that delves into the gradual descent of a small New England town into darkness and terror.  King is a master at creating an unsettling atmosphere and a sense of impending doom, this novel is no different. 

‘Salem’s Lot revolves around Ben Mears, a writer who returns to his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot, which is commonly referred to as ‘Salem’s Lot, to confront his own traumatic past. He soon discovers that the town is being infested by vampires, and must work with others to fight against the growing evil.

This isn’t your typical vampire book, King’s portrayal of the vampires is both traditional and unique. He puts his own spin on classic vampire lore while still paying homage to the genre’s origins. The horror lies not only in the supernatural elements but also in the way the town’s residents succumb to their own weaknesses and fears, mirroring the insidiousness of the vampires themselves.

I believe it is being made into a movie….or series very soon. I can’t wait